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16th April 2014 ✿ @sophiajhong
The semester is coming to an end. Anxiety, stress, and blood pressure on the rise. Panic mode initiated. 

12 April 2014 ✿ @sophiajhong
Pajamas, reading manga, 2:00 am selca, dropping the phone on my face…the phone life.


I want a budgie. Or two.

budgies are my fave…

따뜻한 봄 날씨 처럼 날 안아줘요Embrace me like the warm spring weather

So, I have tried to convince my mom to let me get a second dog for my other pup, but she keeps saying no. I have tried to use all my persuasion techniques but this woman is still standing strong. To that end, I think I might get a bird instead.

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09 April 2014 ✿ @sophiajhong
Things that make me happy (:
Doodle blog

I made a doodle blog while back, but I changed the url thing so it isn’t ridiculously long.


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I wish I had an archive for the liked post section. Whenever I go to find something important, it literally takes me FOREVER to scroll through all the posts I liked.

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Stanislav Yulianovich Zhukovsky

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