not just for cold days

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m not quite sure what took a chunk out of 11 o’clock.

ムーミン谷 -2-
チーム バケペンのみなさんです。 紅ちゃんがヒトリだけ下を向いているのは ウエストレベルのバケちゃんだからです。
バケペンの写りもいいよね〜♪ めっちゃ気になるカメラだけど ワタシにはMAMIYA RB67があるし ハッセルの中望遠レンズも買っちゃったし これ以上増やさないし欲張りません(●´◡`●)

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The artist’s need to venture into the unknown is risky, but it is upon this impulse that the power of art is based.

— Semezdin Mehmedinović, Sarajevo Blues (via ohdreaming)

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23 June 2014 ✿

Ao Haru Ride came out with its first episode!!! Ughhh…the feels.

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These are the cutest bowls I have ever seen!!!

I just finished watching Free! To my surprise it was so motivating and so inspirational. It makes me want to swim again.

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